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Friday, Jan. 27, 2006
Volume 17, No. 2
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Placing the accent on customer service
UPMC telephone system to handle supply chain calls with greater efficiency

TelephoneOut with the old, in with the new. At the UPMC Supply Chain Management and Accounts Payable departments, the old way of handling telephone calls from staff members with inquiries about their purchase orders, delivery dates, disbursements, and other invoice-related matters will soon become a more efficient process that emphasizes customer service.

Beginning Monday, Feb. 6, callers to the customer service line — 412-647-8070 — will be greeted with a list of options to expedite the handling of their questions.

This new system will eliminate the existing, less efficient practice of leaving a message on the customer service line, enabling more direct access to support staff. (Approximately 400 messages are left on the line each week.)

The new phone system is designed to route calls quickly. For example, staff members with questions about vendor-related payments, reimbursement for travel or business expenses, product returns, and a variety of other sourcing, procurement, and accounts payable issues can use their telephone keypads to have their calls routed to a customer service representative during business hours. Three customer service representatives have been added to better handle the call volume.

Routine inquiries for the customer service address and fax number can be routed to a recorded announcement, which frees the customer service staff to work with other callers. Other prompts in the system give callers steps to take if their purchasing issue involves a medical emergency during off hours.

Have your information ready

RolodexUPMC staff can expedite their requests to the customer service line by having the right information in front of them when they call 412-647-8070.

Some of the more frequently asked questions to UPMC Supply Chain Management and the information that you should be prepared to provide are:

Has my disbursement request been processed or paid? Provide the correct name of the vendor, the amount of money to be paid, and the date the request was submitted.

Has my purchase requisition been received? Provide your department number, the requestor’s name, product, vendor, and the date the requisition was mailed or faxed.
I received the wrong product.

How do I return it? You will need to state the purchase order number, department ID number, and vendor name.

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