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Dec. 4, 2009

Center for Connected Medicine opens doors

The 60th floor of the U.S. Steel Tower in Pittsburgh became a mecca for forward-thinking health care leaders when the Center for Connected Medicine (CCM) held its grand opening this fall. More than 120 guests attended the event on Sept. 22, including Jeffrey Romoff, president and CEO, UPMC; G. Nicholas Beckwith III, chairman of the UPMC Board of Directors; Ann Torregrossa, director of the Pennsylvania Office of Health Care Reform; and Mark Nordenberg, chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh.

UPMC spearheaded the creation of the CCM, a groundbreaking collaboration among innovators in health care, information technology, and communications to showcase to medical and public health professionals the pioneering, patient-centered health care model developed at UPMC. The CCM’s founding partners are UPMC, Alcatel-Lucent, IBM, and Cerner. Additional strategic partners include BlackBerry, dbMotion, Google, ikaSystems, Johnson Controls, Polycom, and Turner Construction.

Connected medicine is a powerful paradigm for health care that integrates information technology, electronic health records, communication networks, and connected devices to empower caregivers and put patients at the center of every decision and every action. The solutions showcased in the CCM address the concerns of caregivers and patients by enhancing access to care, enabling consistent quality, improving outcomes, and reducing costs. The CCM is a dramatic learning environment that uses tools such as interactive theatrical presentations and advanced “perceptive pixel” displays to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of connected medicine.

Andrew Watson, MD, is the medical director for the CCM. Tours of the CCM are available by appointment for hospital and health care administrators and public health officials.


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