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Aug. 6 , 2010

My HUB link makes it easy to access the new Your Benefits Resources website

These days, it may seem like a lot of things are getting tougher. But it just got easier for you to take action, get answers, save money, and maximize your retirement benefits. We’ve upgraded the Your Benefits Resources™ website to give you more control and more support, and to help you plan for your retirement.

Log in to Your Benefits Resources via My HUB, click on the Human Resources tab, and then select My Retirement under My Benefits.

Once you log in, see how Your Benefits Resources can help you and your family review your retirement plan account balances, change your Savings Plan contributions and investment elections, plan for retirement, and more. Here’s a road map to show some of the tools and resources, and help you navigate the site.

Wonder if you're saving enough for retirement?

Project how much money you’ll need

View projections based on different retirement ages, contribution levels, and investment mixes. Go to Savings and Retirement -> Project Retirement Income.

Model different scenarios

See which Savings Plan asset allocation may help you reach your retirement savings goal. Go to Savings and Retirement -> Model Investment Mix.

Change your Savings Plan investment mix or contributions

Choose a premixed portfolio (Target Date fund), reallocate your balance, transfer money across funds, and more. Go to Savings and Retirement -> Manage Investments.






Need to know when and how to change your retirement benefits or take action?

Get special alerts when action is required

From the homepage, choose to receive e-mail notifications when you need to make updates. Look for “Action Needed” when you’re on the site for specific notices that pertain to you.

These features and many more are available now, so go to Your Benefits Resources via My HUB -> Human Resources, then click on the My Retirement link to make sure your retirement benefits are working for you. If you have questions while navigating the site, call the Retirement Center via DirectLink at 1-800-994-2752, option 1, then option 1 again, then press *0.

Creator of Your Benefits Resources honored with two awards

Hewitt's Your Benefits Resources™ was the highest-ranked plan participant website among independent defined contribution providers, according to kasina Consulting's list of top sites for defined contribution plan participants.

Pensions & Investments honored Hewitt's Personal Finance Center (PFC), which is available on Your Benefits Resources, with an Eddy Award for Best Practices in Investment Education for DC Plans — Online Media category. The Eddy Awards recognize service providers that offer exceptional investment education to their clients’ defined contribution plan participants.


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