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Dec. 3, 2010 | Volume 21, No. 12

LifeSolutions Corner

Oh, no! I did it again. December’s here and I haven’t started my holiday preparations! I’m so stressed! How can I pull off a great holiday celebration, continue keeping up with work tasks, and not end up looking frazzled? LifeSolutions, help!

Holidays are a time for celebration and fun. But if you’re stressed and exhausted, that won’t happen. Doing what comes naturally got you here … so this year, it’s time to make some “intentional changes.”

Here are some tried and true suggestions to help reduce the hassles and tension and rekindle the joy of these special times.

Keep it simple
• Eliminate some things. Does the whole house need to be decorated? It’s about doing less so you’ll enjoy it more.
• Give gifts of your time or talents such as a movie date with your child, a home-delivered gourmet dinner for your mother-in-law, an evening of baby-sitting for your brother’s kids, or skill-sharing such as computer advice or lessons.

Delegate tasks
• Involve the whole family in holiday preparations … and let go of attempting to control how the other person does it.
• Invite guests or family members to prepare a special dish.


Adjust your attitude
• Keep expectations realistic — you will be disappointed if you expect a “perfect holiday.” It’s unrealistic to expect kids to sit quietly for hours and feuding family members to get along just because the calendar indicates a special day.
• Work at enjoying each moment rather than planning the next one.


Reconnect with the child in you
• Make sure you do one thing to carry on a tradition that you’ve always loved about the holiday you are celebrating.

Call LifeSolutions for support and some additional ideas on how to keep balanced during this season. We are available 24/7 at 1-800-647-3327.


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