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In June, changes to the mail and courier delivery schedules for various administrative buildings were implemented. The new schedules — which will continue to be rolled out at administrative building locations over the next several months — streamline deliveries and reduce mail delivery and courier costs.

If you believe your department has a valid reason to request an exception to the revised delivery schedule, or if your department would like to add or change a mail or courier route, fill out the exception request form located on the Mail and Courier Services page of the Mailroom Infonet site and submit it via e-mail to your direct manager for approval. Approved requests will be forwarded up the management reporting structure for final approval by the business unit CFO.


The Fiscal Year 2010 Compensation Manual has been updated and is available for review in the Human Resources section of Infonet. The Compensation Manual contains policies and practices on a variety of compensation topics, including the UPMC compensation philosophy, job evaluation system, merit pay program, overtime pay, meal periods, time worked, and exempt/non-exempt status.

Staff are encouraged to review the Compensation Manual. Several sections have changed, including Merit Increase Guidelines, Timing of Performance Evaluations, and Section V of the Performance Review Document.

The Compensation Manual is an excellent resource for staff and managers with questions about compensation at UPMC. If you have any questions, please contact your local Human Resources representative.


UPMC’s online Interfaith Guide: Meeting the Religious and Spiritual Needs of Patients and Families continues to expand. The June 19 edition of the Interfaith Guide has information on 20 faiths. Eleven faiths have been added to the guide since its first posting in February 2009.

The Interfaith Guide is a quick-reference tool, providing information about the diverse religious needs of UPMC patients. Faiths are presented in alphabetical order in their traditional forms without theological explanations. Each faith has a brief overview, a list of beliefs and practices, and tips for health care staff.

The online Interfaith Guide remains a work in progress, with more faiths and updated information to be added in the future. UPMC staff can access the Interfaith Guide at any time on Infonet under Pastoral Care.

Pocket brochure also available
Another resource is the Interfaith Pocket Brochure for Staff. This 5.5" x 8.5" brochure briefly highlights 12 common faith traditions. Information for each faith is organized in bulleted lists under “Beliefs, Rituals, and Practices” and “Sickness, Dying, and Death.” The brochure is available on demand from the UPMC Print Shop for a cost of 18 cents each. To place an order, complete a Printing/Duplicating Services Request Form and enter form number 20053-82178-0709.


Did you know? Every day, almost 50,000 people go to work in UPMC facilities and offices. Nearly double that number work in jobs created in UPMC’s wake, and as an enterprise UPMC has a $16 billion economic impact on the region.

To learn more about the many unique and diverse ways in which UPMC serves western Pennsylvania and its people, review the UPMC Community Benefits Report, Fiscal Year 2008.


The following systemwide policies were reviewed and updated by the UPMC Policy Review Committee in June 2009. All UPMC policies can be reviewed in their entirety on Infonet.

New policies
HS-PT1205 Condition L: Search for and Return of Eloped Patients
HS-LE0009 Records Retention, Management and Retirement*

Significant changes
HS-EC1804 Identity Theft

Minor changes
HS-AD0804 Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS)
HS-AD0817 Intellectual Property*
HS-EC1613 Notice of Privacy Practices Pursuant to the European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection*
HS-IC0600 Integrated Infection Control Committee*
HS-IC0603 Reporting of Diseases/Conditions*
HS-IC0615 Hand Hygiene
HS-MM0302 Value Analysis Program*
HS-MM0311 Mail Messenger Service*
HS-NA0401 Patient and Family Education*
HS-NA0404 Medication Event: Reporting, Documentation, and Evaluation
HS-NA0410 Patient Falls — Assessment Re-Assessment and Documentation*
HS-RI1300 Claims Administration (Non-clinical)*
HS-RI1301 Indemnity/Risk Insurance Policy*

No changes
HS-AC0512 Paycheck Information & Distribution*
HS-IC0607 Control of Staphylococcus Aureus With Intermediate (Reduced) Susceptibility to Vancomycin (VISA) and Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (VRSA)*
HS-IC0608 Infection Control Bioterrorism Readiness Guidelines
HS-IC0616 Guidelines for Handling Sharps*

*This policy is intended to replace individual business unit policies covering the same subject matter. Business unit policies covering the same subject matter should be pulled from all manuals.


With fuel costs rising, many UPMC employees are finding alternative transportation on two wheels. Bicycling contributes to general good health and cardiovascular conditioning while reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuels burned by automobiles.

Bicycling to work is an excellent alternative to commuting by car or bus. In addition to saving money on parking, gasoline, or bus fare, there’s the fringe benefit of daily exercise. Bicycling burns about 25 calories per mile, reduces stress, and improves mood. On average, biking to work saves a car commuter 400 gallons of gas per year.

UPMC provides bike racks at many of our facilities to make commuting on two wheels easier. A competitive cycling team, UPMC Cycling Performance, inspires other racers and the cycling public.

For more information:
Bike Pittsburgh!
Commuting Alternatives
UPMC’s Environmental Initiatives


The Patient and Family Centered Care Workshop Series presents PFCC VisionQuest I, a free workshop being held Friday, July 17, at the Pittsburgh Playhouse Theatre in Oakland. UPMC staff are invited to attend this workshop, which encourages the adoption of PFCC concepts aimed at improving every phase of health care delivery.

For more information and a link to online registration, click here.


Tune into KQV 1410 AM next week for PNC Business Journal, which will feature an interview with Nancy Davidson, MD, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and UPMC Cancer Centers, and Stan Marks, MD, director of Clinical Services and chief medical officer. Drs. Davidson and Marks will discuss the business of cancer care, including UPCI’s commitment to research, community involvement, and other critical issues such as access to care, funding for medical education and training, and ensuring quality of care.

The program will be broadcast Monday, July 13, from 7 to 8 p.m., and Saturday, July 18, from 1 to 2 p.m.


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Note: Mail and courier delivery schedules
These changes — which include reduced mail and courier deliveries from every weekday to three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) — affect only administrative office buildings. They do not affect administrative areas within UPMC hospital facilities. Tenants of affected buildings will be contacted and informed of the changes in advance of changes being implemented. To view the complete list of buildings affected by the revised delivery/drop-off schedule, or to see when the new schedule will be implemented, visit the Mailroom Infonet site.

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July 10, 2009