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May 2009

National news coverage of Trilogy Technology at Beacon Hospital

The Trilogy System at Beacon Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, was featured in Ireland’s national news this past January. RTÉ, the country’s leading broadcaster, covered the benefits of this advanced new technology on a prime-time evening news slot. The report highlighted how Trilogy’s image-guided radiotherapy system can treat cancer and neurological conditions quickly and with unprecedented precision. The coverage also emphasized how this world-class treatment is delivered using telemedicine links with UPMC in Pittsburgh, giving patients the benefits of expertise in radiotherapy from both sides of the Atlantic.

The report included an interview with Professor John Armstrong, medical director of UPMC Cancer Centers Ireland. Professor Armstrong explained the accuracy with which we can now perform radiotherapy, and how this accuracy means that more patients can benefit from treatment.

“Using the Trilogy System, we can offer many of our patients a noninvasive option that does not require surgery, lengthy hospital stays, or long recovery periods,” said Professor Armstrong. “In many cases patients can return home the same day they receive treatment and resume their lives.”

The news report also included an interview with a patient who was treated with the Trilogy System, which enhanced his recovery and gave him a better quality of life. Beacon Hospital is the first hospital in Ireland to use Trilogy technology, and as a result of the newscast it received an unprecedented number of calls from cancer patients and their families.

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