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May 2009

UPMC business development: Building an integrated global health enterprise

Despite the global financial crisis, there continues to be a need to improve patient care in virtually all areas of the world. Today, UPMC has an active pipeline of more than 30 potential business development opportunities spanning 26 countries and five continents. Thanks to the operations built to date by UPMC teams in Pittsburgh, Palermo, Dublin, Waterford, Doha, New Castle upon Tyne, and beyond, UPMC has proven expertise in developing new models for health care delivery across the globe.

As they become more informed, citizens around the world are asking for better health care, and governments often struggle to provide it in an equitable, cost-effective fashion. Private health care providers often recognize the need, but may not have the resources to build organizations that can provide the best of modern health care in the most efficient way. UPMC has the knowledge, experience, and resources to provide such care, and has created alliances with world-class organizations — such as GE, IBM, and Alcatel Lucent — to leverage their global infrastructure to support our growth and core mission to provide outstanding patient care.

UPMC typically works in association with a local partner, whether public (as with the Region of Sicily at ISMETT) or private (as with its Irish partners in Dublin). In oncology, for example, UPMC has a joint development agreement with GE Healthcare. GE analyzes international markets for UPMC and provides an introduction to a reputable local partner in countries where both a medical need and opportunity exist. As a result, UPMC is in advanced discussions with potential partners in Europe and Asia. The balance UPMC is searching for is to improve oncology services in these countries while continuing to provide value to its existing constituencies.

Each of these opportunities — in oncology or other clinical areas such as pediatrics, diabetes, and sports medicine — would support the ongoing development of the existing UPMC health care network and promote the continuing improvement of that network and the patient care provided.

Our progress to date has been made possible in large part by the assistance of its physicians and leaders, whose extensive personal networks of international contacts enable the system to determine more quickly and effectively whether an  opportunity is worth exploring.

Building an integrated global health enterprise strengthens UPMC in a world of increasingly interlinked health care. By leveraging its industry allies and network of contacts, and combining them with the appropriate discipline and foresight in the process of international business development, we are creating a sustainable model of growth to enhance the health care of tomorrow globally.

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