Volume 1, No. 3
May 2009
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Action is the foundational key to all success. — Pablo Picasso

Chuck Bogosta
Chuck Bogosta

When I think of all the accomplishments we have achieved in the past 12 months, I am very proud of our team and of our global enterprise. I am even more proud when I look at the difficult times and challenges we are all going through. Just think about what UPMC is today: the largest provider of health care in western Pennsylvania, the region’s largest employer, and a world-renowned center of clinical care and research.

This enterprise — our enterprise — is building a brighter economic future where intellectual capital, management expertise, and clinical capabilities are shared throughout our worldwide network — from transplant services in Italy to technology implementation in England. Inherent in this expansion is the mission of improving outcomes for our patients and partners with hands-on, on-the-ground management, from Ireland to Qatar.

We have worked hard to accomplish several goals.

In Ireland, where UPMC already operates two cancer centers, we are managing the independent Beacon Hospital in Dublin. In the United Kingdom, leveraging UPMC’s capabilities in health care information technology, we have launched a partnership with Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals, an NHS Foundation Trust, to deploy electronic health record technology at Newcastle’s hospitals.

UPMC has continued to strengthen its existing international presence through ongoing work at ISMETT, in Italy, which has performed more than 700 organ transplants in the past decade.

We have an agreement with the Ri.MED Foundation, in Italy, to manage a new Italian research center to be built in the Carini area. Twelve Ri.MED researchers are already at work in Pittsburgh and other partner locations.

In Qatar, UPMC partners with Hamad Medical Corp. to create a trauma service for patients with multisystem injuries at Hamad General Hospital, one of the busiest trauma centers in the world. UPMC collaborates with HMC to provide education, training, and services to Qatar’s emergency medicine system.

We recently signed an agreement with the Leptos Group in Cyprus to manage a hospital that will serve the population of Cyprus and patients from Europe and the Middle East.

We are also collaborating with GE Healthcare to create up to 25 cancer centers in Europe and the Middle East over the next decade. This is part of UPMC’s larger strategy of commercializing medical, technology, and management expertise for the benefit of patients.

We have launched successful commercial ventures to enhance efficiency and quality internally while creating marketable products and services that will advance the goals of improving efficiency and quality for health care generally.

Together with GE Healthcare, we recently announced the creation of Omnyx — a new company that will develop and market digital pathology systems, revolutionizing work previously done only with glass slides and microscopes. We promoted UPMC technology spin-offs such as D3 Radiation Planning, and investment relationships like the one with dbMotion for supplying technological tools to hospitals worldwide.

All our actions and activities will create new jobs at home and new resources to reinvest in excellent patient care around the world. These enterprises are aimed at building a global research and clinical network that fosters collaboration among the world’s best physicians, nurses, and scientists — a network that creates advances in patient treatment.

I hope you are all proud of being part of our network. You should be, because you created it, and our future is brighter because of your efforts.

Thank you,
Chuck Bogosta
Chuck Bogosta
Executive Vice President, UPMC
President, ICSD